Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mountain biking in the rainforest near Manokwari

There are several mountain bike groups in Manokwari. They regularly meet and have trips around the city or to the rainforest. One day, I joined some mountain bikers for a cycling tour in the rainforest behind Rendani and Wosi areas. The track there was very good although it is not covered with asphalt pavement. Mountain bikers who like traveling around this track come from various government and private institutions in Manokwari.
When I was mountain biking with them, we went to the Table Mountain and did some caving. When we ride our bicycles together, we often discuss things related to the maintenance of our bikes and the preservation of our nature especially the rainforest. These discussions often led to other cycling activities such as the cycling tour from Bintuni to Manokwari and cycling tour from Minyambouw to Manokwari. Because most of the routes that we go through are close to the rainforest, they are not hot. While we ride our mountain bikes through dense tropical jungle, we breath the fresh air which the forest produces. As a result, after the mountain bike tours, we feel more refreshed and healthy.
So, if you have not decided where you will go for this season's holiday, why don't you fly to Manokwari city for cycling with us? You will not only have the opportunities to enjoy the beauty of our rainforest but also the colorful life of the coral reef in the Dorey bay of this city. The tropical rainforest of Manokwari is rich of animals and plants. After enjoying mountain biking with the mountain bike clubs in Manokwari, I can guide you to Arfak mountains for 2 or 3 nights camping in the jungle. You will be able to see tree kangaroo, kuskus or watch the magnificent birds of paradise. Your trip to Manokwari will be a lifetime experience that you will never forget. by Charles Roring
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