Friday, September 2, 2011

Bird watching picture from Arfak mountains of Manokwari - the Magnificent Birds of Paradise

I have just returned to Manokwari from a 3-day hiking and birdwatching trip in Arfak mountains with 2 tourists and 1 researcher from the Netherlands. We  saw various species of birds including the magnificent birds of paradise (cincinnurus magnificus). This morning, before leaving for Manokwari, I went to the birdwatching hut again (usually called blind) to see whether I could make some pictures of the paradise birds. I was in the hut for around 2 hours. When some sunlight hit the ground, the male birds landed and began clearing the ground from the fallen leaves. He has yellow and brown feather at his wings. His underpart is covered with dark green and black plume. Two blue antennas decorate his tail. After that he called the female birds. It was quite difficult to get sharp photographs early in the morning. Fortunately, with my new digital camera - a Nikon Coolpix P500, I was able to shoot the birds. Here are some of the best photographs that I made this morning.

Male Magnificent Birds of Paradise 

Female magnificent birds of paradise has white patch behind her eyes. Her bill is pale blue. I shot this bird while she was eating the grains of the red fruits (pandanus connoideus lam). The Papuan put the fruit in front of the birdwatching hut to attract the birds for tourists.

Female Magnificent Birds of Paradise
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