Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainforest flowers from the slope of Arfak mountains

There are a lot of species of flowers in Arfak mountains if we visit a number of villages from Mokwam to Anggi areas. However, wild flowers that grow at the road side along the slopes of the mountains receive little attention from travelers. Last March, I guided 4 tourists from Czech Republic. We went there by a rent car. It's a 4WD Toyota Hilux. In the middle of our trip to Mokwam, Dr. Jaroslav asked the driver to stop for a while to let them take pictures of the slopes and ravines of the rainforest as well as the flowers and insects along the roadside. Stopping a car at a steep slope was very dangerous. We had to put big stones behind the tires to protect the car from moving down the slope unintentionally.
if you know the species name of these flowers, please contact me:

Not far from where the car stopped, I saw some flowers. One species of them is dominated by pink color. Unfortunately, I did not bring my digital camera. I walked closer to the flower plant to see its flowers. Honestly I don't know the name of this flower. So, I only name it pink flowers. I am not sure if this is an orchid. Dr. Jaroslav knew that I liked taking pictures for my blog, so, he shot some pictures of these flowers and told me that I might copy them when we had returned to Manokwari city again.
There are various species of rainforest flowers in Arfak mountains that attract the attention of many city dwellers in Manokwari. However, because the temperature in the city is hotter than the daily temperature in Arfak mountains, these flower plants will die if planted in the city.
Arfak mountains are not far from Manokwari city. I have been promoting them as a nice tourist destination in West Papua beside Raja Ampat. For birdwatchers, and trekkers, Arfak mountains with their massive tropical rainforest that are rich of bio-diversity are worth exploring. If you are interested in traveling to Arfak mountains, and need a tourist guide, please, contact me via my email I will be happy to arrange your trip and accompany you to explore the natural beauty the mountains. by Charles Roring

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