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Walking, Sightseeing and Birdwatching Tour Around Sorong City of Indonesia

Private or Shared Tour in Sorong City. This program is suitable for single traveler or group of people, easy walking. 

Tour 1: Doom Island and Sorong Hill

Traveling to Doom Island. In the morning at around 09:00, we will go by public transportation to water taxi harbor, and cross the sea to Doom island. We will walk around the island to see local people in their daily life. During the Dutch time, Doom used to be the center of administration of Sorong. There are some old Dutch buildings and houses that still stand on the island that we could see. We will return at around 12:00.

After that, we will return to Sorong city and continue trip to a hill in Sorong city. We could see a Buddhist temple there. The scenery of some part of Sorong city is beautiful from the hill. Some birds could be watched in trees in the surrounding complex of the temple. 

We could see Yellow-vented Bulbul, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Willie Wagtail if we do birdwatching in these areas.

walking, sightseeing and birdwatching in west papua
Walking, Sightseeing and Birdwatching Tour in Sorong City

Tour 2: Mangrove, Protected Forest, and Traditional Market

At 06:00, we will go to Mangrove forest by public transportation to walk around the boardwalk, to see the mangrove environment and to watch birds. We can see birds such as White-bellied Cuckooshrike, Olive-backed Sunbird, Brown-backed Honeyeater

We will return to the city at 09:00, a visit to local traditional market can be done to enable you to see what local people produce, sell and buy in their daily life. At around 12:00, we finish the tour. Back to your hotel for you to take a rest.

We can also visit the Cathedral Church of Christ the King whose architectural design is inspired by the bower of Vogelkop Bowerbird. 

Roman Catholic Church of Sorong city
Cathedral Chuch of Christ the King in Sorong City that is inspired by bower structure of Vogelkop Bowerbird

At around 15:00, we can go by public transportation to protected forest of Sorong city to see the bird clinic and orchid garden and to see the the forest canopy from a tower.

Tour 3:  Hiking, Sightseeing, and Birding in Sorong Ridge Forest and Love Hill

A visit to Sorong ridge forest in the morning to walk along a road between forest, and to watch birds as well as do sightseeing (start by a chartered car at 05:00 - finish at around 11:00).

We could see various species of birds such as Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Palm Cockatoo, Brown Oriole, Lesser Black Coucal, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Golden Cuckooshrike, Black-browed Triller, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra and etc.

walking and birdwatching tour in Sorong city's ridge forest
Sorong City's Ridge Forest

Back to Sorong city to take a rest.

At 15:00 local time, we continue our tour to Bambu Kuning Hill to do sightseeing and birdwatching.

Tour 4: A visit to Protected Forest and Saint Mary Hill

In the morning at around 08:00, we will go by public transportation to protected forest to see nature, birds, orchids. Return to your hotel at around 10:00.

In the afternoon at 15:00, we go by public transporation to do hiking up the slope to Saint Mary Hill. There, we can see the view of Sorong city. We could watch some birds there too. At around 18:00, we return to your hotel.

End of the Program.

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