Sunday, April 1, 2018

Nightwalk in Susnguakti Forest

Exploring the Susnguakti forest at night to see nocturnal animals

This reptile can be seen by tourists in Susnguakti forest in the south of Manokwari city.
Papua Dragon Lizard
Susnguakti is a rainforest area in the south of Manokwari city. It has been a destination for tourists who are interested in seeing wildlife. Every time I organize a birding and wildlife watching tour in this forest for visitors I always add nightwalk or night herping tour in the list of activities that we can do in the forest. When we do the nightwalk, we could see such animals as Cuscus Possum, bandicoot, Arfak Dragon Lizard,  Vogelkop Brown Ground Skink, White Snake (Micropechis small-eyed white snake), pygmy toad, moth, firefly and sleeping bird. There is glowing mushroom especially during wet season.
This New Guinea small eyed white snake lives in Susnguakti forest of Manokwari city.
White Snake Micropechis ikaheka

Don't Provoke the White Small-eyed Snakes

During the tour, visitors MUST NOT provoke snakes in the forest especially the ones that local people call Ular Putih (White Snake). This Micropechis ikaheka is very venomous and is considered as one of the deadliest reptiles in the world. One bite from this snake can be fatal. So, visitors must wear hiking boots or sport shoes and socks and maintain a safe distance from the snake if they see it in the jungle.
What to wear
To do the night herping tour, visitors need to wear long pants, shoes and socks, hand torch or head torch and camera. I and one or two local villagers conduct the night walk tours. We will explore the higher and lower elevation areas of the forest to find the nocturnal animals. It is an interesting activity for tourists because they are able to watch not only birds of paradise but also reptile and nocturnal animals of Arfak mountains.

Birding during the day

In addition to night tours, visitors can also do morning and afternoon hiking trips in Susnguakti forest to watch Lesser Birds of Paradise, King Bird of Paradise, Common Paradise Kingfisher, Magnificent Riflebird, Hooded Butcherbird, Beautiful Fruit Dove, Great Cuckoo Dove, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra and a lot of other tropical birds that live in the forest.
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