Friday, April 20, 2018

Manokwari Wildlife Tour

Dutch tourists were hiking in Susnguakti forest of Manokwari
Hiking tour in Manokwari
I offer a 3-day/ 2-night hiking, birding, wildlife watching and camping in tropical rainforest of Manokwari. During the tour, participants will stay in the jungle to watch paradise birds, cuscus possum, tree dragon lizard, and see green vegetation of Susnguakti forest of Arfak mountains. Participants of the tour need to bring binoculars and camera with telephoto lenses if they want to watch and take pictures of wild animals in the forest. A spotting scope is good too but not a must. There are basecamps in the forest, mattrasses, pillows, as well as cooking and eating utensils. There are dome tents tent function like a mini bedroom and mosquito nets for visitors who want to stay for several nights.
During the tour we will do morning, and afternoon walks in the forest to find Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor), King Bird of Paradise (Cicinnurus magnificus), Rufous-bellied Kookaburra (Dacelo gaudichaud), and Coconut Lorikeet as well as Great Cuckoo Dove, Common Paradise Kingfisher and Hooded Butcherbird. We will also do night walks to find cuscus possum, bandicoot, ground brown skink, and even the glowing mushrooms. Local villager will immitate the sounds of female cuscus possum to attract the male one. When the calls are being carried out, everybody must turn off his or her flashlights/ torch.
Visitors from French, Switzerland, the Philipines, German, the USA, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Czech, China, South Korea, Sweden and Australia used to visit Susnguakti forest.
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