Thursday, September 28, 2017

Willie Wagtail in Mesirrokow Forest of Manokwari

Here is the picture of Willie Wagtail (Rhypidura leucophrys) that I saw in Mesirrokow river forest of Manokwari. The bird likes to play on dry wood that has been washed to the shore of a river waiting to catch insects. The birds can be seen in other areas of Manokwari particularly in trees near small lakes.
The bird is also abundant in Numfor island.
Willie Wagtail
Willie Wagtail in Manokwari forest

Mesirrokow river-forest is a highly recommended site in Manokwari that is suitable for visitors who want to enjoy riverwalking and birdwatching. I have organized a number of camping trips to the area for visitors who come from Switzerland, France, and the United Kingdom, other European countries.
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