Friday, December 30, 2016

Wild Flowers in Arfak Mountains of Manokwari

Passion flower
Passion flower near Lake Anggi Giji
I made several trips to Arfak mountains recently where I guided some tourists from Australia, Indonesia, Austria and China. We visited the jungle of Mount Soyti, Mount Sensenemes, Mount Kobrey and Mount Mabowi. During the trips I saw a lot of beautiful flowers including Rhododendron konori, Rhododendron laetum, Myrmecophyte, orchid, nepenthes and a lot more.
White orchid
Orchids in the jungle of Mount Soyti
The areas around Lake Anggi Giji and Lake Anggi Gida were full of wild flowers that grew on the elevation between 2,000 and 2,730 meters above sea level. We couldeasily find them in the slopes, on the road sides, and on top of the mountains. The indigenous people who live in the villages around the lake grow the flowers in the frontyards of their houses. There are a lot of flowers which I haven't been able to identify.
Visitors who joined my Arfak mountains tour were very to see the flowers and the beautiful scenery taken from the slopes and tops of the mountains above Anggi lakes.
Rhododendron konori
Rhododendron konori
on top of Mount Sensenemes
After visiting Anggi lakes, we went down the steep slopes of Arfak and continued our trip to the jungle of Warmarway. There, we walked up very steep slopes to a basecamp and stayed for several days. This time the vocal points of the tour were not flowers but Birds of Paradise, Glowing Mushroom, and Butterflies.
Our basecamp was constructed near a stream whose water. We boiled its crystal clear water for our drinking water. We also took a bath in the stream. Early in the morning when it was still dark, we woke up at 04.30 to drink some tea or coffee. After that we left our tents for the lek of Lesser Birds of Paradise. It was a nice adventure because we could watch how male lesser birds of paradise performed their courtship dance to seduce or attract their female birds.
traditional village in Arfak mountains
Traditional house of Sougb tribe
At the end of our trip in the jungle, we visited Warmarway village where we saw our local guide Yunus made fire using traditional matches. This Papuan matches were made of a piece of bamboo and palm fiber. It had been used by the indigenous Papuan people in the vogelkop region of West Papua before modern matches were introduced by the Dutch.

Tour Around Arfak Mountains
Anggi lake of West Papua
Lake Anggi Gida
I offer tour package around Arfak mountains where visitors will be able to explore the tropical rainforest, see beautiful scenery around Anggi lakes and interact with the indigenous people.

It is not only flowers that visitors will be able to see during the tour but also wild animals such as birds of paradise, vogelkop bower bird, western parotia, cuscus possum, butterflies and etc.

Meeting and Staying with the Indigenous People
During the trip, participants will meet indigenous people of Arfak mountains from several different tribes. We will even stay in their traditional house.

I suggest the number of participants of the tour is 2 to 3 people to share the cost. If you are interested, please, contact me by e-mail to: or whatsapp: +6281332245180 for the price and customized itinerary.

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