Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wildlife Tour in Arfak Mountains

The mountain range of Arfak is home to various species of animals. Some of them are tree kangaroo, cuscus, and birds of paradise.

This is a small village that is located in the middle of the jungle. Tourists who come to Mupi Gunung will be able to watch tree kangaroo and birds that are endemic to vogelkop region such as bowerbird and western parotia, brown sicklebill, black sicklebill and Arfak Astrapia. The recommended duration of wildlife tour in Mupi Gunung is at least 1 week.

This village is only a 1-hour ride from Manokwari. Here, visitors can watch several species of coastal and lower montane forest birds such as kingfishers, blyth's hornbill, sulphur crested cockatoo, brahminy kite and lesser birds of paradise. At night, you can see glowing mushrooms growing from decaying bamboo. Your D-SLR Camera should be set to capture subject at low light condition in order to take picture in the dark. Tourists who only have between 2 to 3 days in Manokwari can visit Warmarway for the wildlife tour.

Where is Warmarway ?
This coastal village is on the eastern region of Arfak mountains, in the south of Manokwari city.

How to get there?
  • Take an international flight from your country to Jakarta city
  • Then take a domestic flight by Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya or Lion Air to Manokwari city.
  • When you have arrived in Manokwari, go to Terminal Wosi and find a public bus to Warmarway village. If you go as ordinary passenger, the cost is approximately 3 US dollars/ passengers. But if you rent the whole bus, the cost is around 30 US dollars (one way). Tell the villager that you want to meet Yunus Sayori. He is a local guide that will accompany you to the jungle of Arfak mountains.

I promote this rainforest and wildlife tour to tourists to economically empower the indigenous Papuan people who live in Arfak mountains and help them preserve the environment.

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