Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Watching Tree Kangaroo in Arfak Mountains

According to reports from the indigenous Papuan people who live in Mupi Gunung, there are three species of tree kangaroos in Arfak mountains of Manokwari regency. Their population is decreasing rapidly due to hunting by villagers for their meat, the conversion of forest into agricultural land and logging activities. The prevent these animals from extinction in their own habitat, I and some villagers in Arfak range offer hiking tours into the jungle where tourists can watch tree kangaroo and birds of paradise.
Ursine Tree Kangaroo in Arfak Range (Dendrolagus ursinus)
Gray Tree Kangaroo (Dendrolagus inustus)
There are 2 villages that can be visited by tourists, i.e. Warmarway and Mupi Gunung (also called Bray). But the "kangaroo watching" itself has to be done far into the forest. For instance, in Mupi Gunung area, visitors have to walk through dense tropical rainforest for 9 hours to reach the watching site.
Arfak range
Arfak range is a nature reserve with a total area of 68,325 hectares. It is also the natural habitat of birds of paradise, birdwing butterflies, cuscus, wild pigs, deers and various species of reptiles.
If you are interested in watching tree kangaroo in Arfak mountains, please contact me by e-mail to: peace4wp@gmail.com
by Charles Roring

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