Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Introducing new tourist guides from Numfor island

Eco-tourism project in Numfor island that I promote through this blog is now running. I began providing tours to Numfor island since last year. However because this tropical island is far from Manokwari city, I often face difficulties in arranging trips there. As a solution, I need a local English speaking guide who can do the job. On 22nd March 2011, I went with 4 tourists from Czech Republic to Numfor by ferry boat KM Kasuari Pasifik IV. It took five hours from Manokwari city to reach the island. Because we were two hours late when leaving Manokwari, we arrived at around 5 p.m. When we were at the pier, I met a young Papuan girl named Dina Prawar. She introduced herself and began talking to me in English. I was a little bit surprised to find out that she was speaking very good English. After having some conversation with her for a few minutes, I knew that she lives in Yemburwo village. She and her family came from Papua New Guinea. Her father who was originally a Numforese went to the neighbor country to work as football player when he was still young. Now he is old and prefers to spend his time in his home island.

Dina said that she was interested in working as tourist guide through this eco-tourism project. I was happy to hear it. I had been looking for Papuan Youth in Numfor island for guiding tourists doing the snorkeling, hiking, bird watching and other activities that are related to travel and tourism business. Finally, I met this girl and his brother.
Besides Dina, there is another young man who also speaks some basic English. His name is Willy Prawar. He is Dina's brother. Through this post, I introduce them to you so that whenever you have the chance to visit Numfor island and need a guide to accompany you and show you interesting tourist destinations, you can contact one of them. Dina's cell phone number is +6285243310326.Willy Prawar does not have a cell phone at the moment. If you need him, you can go to Yemburwo village.

Since one of my goals in promoting eco-tourism in West Papua is to create jobs to Papuan people, I highly recommend you to hire a Papuan tourist guide like Dina or Willy when you visit this beautiful tropical island. 

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