Thursday, November 7, 2019

Tropical Birding Tours in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat islands are important destinations for tourists who like birdwatching. There are a lot of species of rainforest and sea birds that birdwatchers can see in the regency. From the most popular Wilson's Bird of Paradise and Red Bird Paradise to the beautiful singer Hooded Butcherbird, visitors can watch them when they travel across the big and small islands of Raja Ampat.
Wilson's Bird of Paradise
Birds such as Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Blyth's Hornbill and Eclectus Parrot are often seen flying or sitting on the branches of trees as couples. When we do tropical birding tours deeper into the forest, we will be able to see Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, and Common Paradise Kingfisher, Hook-billed Kingfisher under the canopy of the rainforest.
Red Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea rubra)
Some small birds such as Shining Flycatcher, Papuan Black Myzomela, Coconut Lorikeet, Red-cheeked Parrot, Red-flanked Lorikeet Yellow-faced Myna, Singing Starling, Spangled Drongo, Northern Fantail, Golden Monarch, and Frilled Monarch are usually active in the mornings. 
Pied Imperial Pigeon
Most of the birding activities that I run are concentrated in Waigeo island both in its southern region and in northeast regions. I also do birding tours by boat to small islands such as Waim, Mamiaef, Urai Kecil, and coastal areas in Kabui bay. In these places, we could see White-bellied Sea Eagle, Bridled Tern, Lesser Frigatebird, Lesser-crested Tern, Plover, Radjah Shelduck, Olive-backed Sunbird, Striated Heron, Great-cuckoo Dove, Ornate Fruit Dove, Spice Imperial Pigeons, Moustached Treeswift.
Red-cheeked Parrot in Waigeo island
Red-cheeked Parrot
Birding Gear
There are several birding devices that are needed during the tours:
  1. Binoculars
  2. Spotting scope
  3. Field guide book Birds of New Guinea
  4. Laser Pointer
  5. Smart-phone with files of recorded bird sounds and bluetooth loudspeaker.
  6. Birding camera such as a D-SLR camera with telephoto lens Sigma 150-600mm sport; Tamron 150-600 G2, Nikon P900, Nikon P1000, and Canon SX70HS.
Birding Visitors already know what to bring when they go on a long trip for birding tours. Beginning birdwatchers need to bring a good pair of binoculars. I highly recommend the Nikon Action EX 12×50 CF. For avid birders, they will bring all the articles mentioned in point 1 to 6.
Nikon action ex 12×50 cf waterproof binoculars. This device is suitable for birding.
Birding Binoculars Nikon Action EX 12×50 CF
Because birding in Raja Ampat is often combined with swimming and snorkeling tours, participants can bring their snorkeling masks, and underwater cameras such as GoPro, Nikon W300 or Olympus TG-5.

If you plan to visit Raja Ampat and want me to organize your birding and snorkeling tour, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to: or by whatsapp to: +6281332245180.

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