Sunday, June 10, 2018

Underwater Pictures and Marine Preservation

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Marine Life in West Papua waters
Here are some underwater pictures that I made when I went snorkeling in the suburb of Manokwari. I used a small action camera - Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha edition that I bought from an online store. I bought the new camera last month because my old one had already been broken for several years. The quality of the pictures it creates is not very sharp compared to my previous camera Nikon AW120.
I need to take pictures of marine environment so that I could use them for writing articles in my blog. I often share my photographs of coral reef and fish in facebook to raise awareness about the importance of reducing plastic use in our modern life.
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Snorkeling trip in West Papua
Every body knows that plastic is harmful for the environment especially the marine one. For instance, the plastic bags that we get from supermarket cause a lot of deaths among sea turtles. Plastic bags look transparent when floating. Turtles consider them as jellyfish. They eat a lot of those plastic bags and then die.
Coral reef is a very rich marine environment. It is the habitat of butterflyfish, moorish idol, clown fish, sea star, grouper, sea cucumber, and a lot more. Because I work as tourist guide, I frequently offer snorkeling tours who plan to visit West Papua. Coral reef can be seen when we enjoy snorkeling or freediving.
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