Sunday, January 28, 2018

Exploring Rainforest and Coral Reef of Manokwari

White Orchid in Arfak mountains
Tropical rainforest of Manokwari can be seen in Arfak mountains. It is the natural habitat of a lot of species of plants such as catappa, banana and mango trees in the coastal region to wild orchids, rhododendron, passion flowers, dahlia, lily, canna flowers, and myrmecophyte in mid-montane and higher montane forest of Arfak range. There are also a lot of species of mushrooms on the forest floor particularly during rainy season.
Glowing Mushrooms in Arfak mountains
One unique mushroom that visitor can see in Arfak mountains is the one that glows in the dark. While watching the glowing mushroom, visitors may also see fireflies with their glowing light flying in trees and shrub pants.
There is a believe that fairies like to play among the glowing mushrooms at nights. The glowing mushrooms are seen as the symbol of hope in the darkness of the night. When someone visits the mushrooms and makes a wish or small prayer, fairies who listen to the prayer will work the universe to help him or her to realize the dream. However, the wish has to to be in line with the will of nature that demands harmony.
A favorite site for tourists who like nature is Susnguakti forest. It is located in the eastern region of Arfak mountains approximately one hour ride from Manokwari city. There, visitors can also watch Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor), King Bird of Paradise (Cicinnurus regius) and Cuscus Possum. The usual duration for exploring the bio-diversity of Susnguakti forest is 3 days.
Coral reef in Manokwari
After exploring the forest, visitors can continue their exploration of nature by enjoying snorkeling in the coral reef of Manokwari. There are several coral reef areas that can be explored by visitors. Visitors need to bring snorkeling mask, flippers/ fins and an underwater camera to take picture of fish, sea-star, table coral, and a lot more.
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