Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tropical Birding Tour in West Papua

Pinon Imperial Pigeon
As a tour guide, I have organized numerous tropical birding tours in West Papua for birdwatchers. Visitors can be a solo traveling birdwatcher or even a big group of avid birders who want to see such birds as dwarf kingfisher, large tailed nightjar, sulphur crested cockatoo or even cassowary bird, birds of paradise and etc.

Birding Destinations
  • Numfor Island - It is located between Manokwari city and Biak island. Visitors can reach the island by plane or ferry boat. The vocal point of Numfor is Numfor Paradise Kingfisher.
  • Manokwari lowland forest
  • Manokwari lower montane forest
  • Manokwari middle elevation montane forest - This is one of the most popular destinations in West Papua. Mount Soyti of Arfak range is a recommended site. Here, visitors can watch Magnificent Birds of Paradise (Cicinnurus magnificus), Western Parotia (Parotia sefilata), Vogelkop Bowerbird (Amblyornis innornatus)
  • Sorong lowland forest in Klasow valley
  • Raja Ampat lowland and lower montane forest in Waigeo island
  • Ases valley of Tambrauw mountains (suitable for a group of tourists of at least 2 to 3 people).
I recommend that visitors go to Manokwari middle elevation montane forest, Sorong' Klasow valley and Raja Ampat's Waigeo island to cover the vocal points of birds in the region. It will be cheaper to go as a group of at least 3 people in order to share the cost.
However, if there is a solo traveling birdwatcher who is interested in watching birds with me as a guide, I will be ok with that as long as the minimum cost is covered.
For customized itinerary and cost, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to: or text/ whatsapp message to: +6281332245180