Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tropical Flowers on Tops of Arfak Mountains

I have been to several summits of Arfak mountains such as the tops of Mount Soyti, Mount Sensenemes and Mount Kobrey. The vegetations in these areas are mostly myrmecophyte, rhododendron shrub and terrestrial orchids. The flowers of myrmecophyte are small whereas the flowers of Rhododendron konori are big and fragrants.
Rhododendron laetum
Rhododendron laetum like to grow on cliffs and steep slopes of the mountains. Because it has got bright yellow color, it is often found on the frontyard of the villagers along the coast of Lake Anggi Giji and Lake Anggi Gida. Flowers such as gladiol, and passion flowers grow along the edges of the lakes. Local people like to harvest passion fruits whose taste are very sweet.
Visitors who are very fond of tropical flowers can join my tours to Anggi Lakes and tops of Arfak mountains to see wild flowers and the magnificent view of the surrounding environment. Since the cost of transportation is very expensive, I highly suggest that the number of tour participants should be at least 3 people to share the cost.
In addition to observing flowers, visitors can meet and stay with the indigenous people in their traditional kaki seribu house. The duration of the tour is usually 6 days based on the following itinerary:
Lake Anggi Giji
Day 1 
Arrive in Manokwari
Getting Surat Jalan (travel permit) from police station
A short tour to Mansinam island

Day 2
Transfer to Mount Soyti of Arfak range
Watching vogelkop bowerbird and western parotia

Day 3
Passion Flower in Lake Anggi Gida
Trip will be continued to Lake Anggi Giji and Mount Maut (meaning deadly mountain)
Overnight stay in Cirnov village

Day 4
Hiking tour to the summit of Mount Sensenemes
Car trip to the summit of Mount Kobrey
Visiting Lake Anggi Gida
Visiting Neney waterfall
Overnight stay in Ransiki
Steep slopes and deep ravines between Mount Rinya
and Mount Sensenemes

Day 5
Transfer to Mount Mabowi
Climbing the mountain
Night walk to see cuscuss possum and glowing mushroom
Overnight stay in the jungle tents

Day 6
Watching Lesser Birds of Paradise
Jungle tour to higher elevation area
Overnight stay in the jungle tents

Day 7
Back to Manokwari city
End of Tour

For cost, an more info about traveling in Arfak mountains, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to:


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