Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hiking in Anggi Lakes of Arfak Mountains

Lake Anggi Giji in Arfak Mountains
Magnificent Panorama
A few days ago I and some visitors from Australia and Indonesia went hiking in the hills around Anggi lakes that were located in southern region of Arfak mountains. We visited Gunung Maut (and walked to the top of Mount Sensenemes). The next day, we visited Mount Kobrey that is located between Lake Anggi Giji (Lake Man) and Lake Anggi Gida(Lake Woman). The elevation of the mountains were between 2,500 and 2,760 meters above sea level. It was very cold but it was also very beautiful.
Actually, we went there from Manokwari by a chartered 4WD car. It takes five hours from the city to our destination. We stopped several times along the way to take pictures and meet local people. Most often our car had to climb steep slopes that are dangerous. We felt our hearts were beating faster because of the dangerous terrains. Fortunately, our driver was an experienced one.
While walking on tops of the mountains, we could see spectacular scenery of the lakes and the mountains that surround them. We also saw a lot of species of high altitude wild flowers and unique plants.
Rhododendron Flowers in Arfak range
There were rhododendron konori; rhododendron laetum, orchids, nepenthes, ants nests or Myrmecophyte and passion flower. We spent 5 days/ 4 nights traveling across the hills, slopes and valleys of Arfak range.
Staying in the house of the indigenous people
We met the indigenous people too. They were friendly and were very happy to receive us staying for a few days in their traditional houses. We cooked our food together using forewood. Their houses were made of wood and tree bark. In the past the roofs were made of leaves. Now, they have replaced the roofs with corrugated metal roof. Mostly they don't have rooms. The following picture show how the traditional house of the indigenous people of Arfak mountains looks like.
The indigenous people of Arfak mountains work as farmers and hunters. They sell their vegetables, fruits in Manokwari city. They raise pigs and grow spring onions, carrots, cabbage,  choy sum, passion fruits, and flowers.
Traditional house of Arfak tribes
They burned firewood in their house to keep warm. Unfortunately, there was no chimney in the house. So, the smoke filled all of the spaces in the house. My eyes could not stand with the smokes, as a result, ears kept on forming in my eyes. There were two lakes in Arfak mountains, i.e. Anggi Giji and Anggi Gida. Both of them were very beautiful.
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