Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trekking and Birdwatching in Lowland Rainforest of Manokwari

Manokwari has been a famous birdwatching destination in West Papua. Birdwatchers from all corners of the globe visit Manokwari regency to see birds in Arfak mountains and in lowland rainforest along the northern coast of the regency. Watching birds in dense forest is difficult because birds usually perch on the canopy of the forest behind leaves, branches and twigs of trees.
Western Crowned Pigeon from the forest of Dopi river
There is a forest in the west of Manokwari where visitors can watch birds. Its name is Dopi river. Local people cut trees to grow agricultural crops. The clearing area which is created by farmers is a good spot for watching lowland birds of New Guinea. From my previous birding trips along the banks of Dopi river, we were able to watch Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Papuan hornbill, Beautiful Fruit Dove, Spangled Drongo, Lesser Birds of Paradise, King Birds of Paradise, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Grey Crow, Pesquet Parrot, Eclectus Parrot, Western Crowned Pigeon and many other birds that I haven't been able to identify.
Beautiful Fruit Dove in the forest of Dopi river

Wild Animals
In addition to birdwatching, visitors may be able to watch cuscus possum, wallaby, soa-soa monitor lizard, and deer. Beetles and butterflies can be found in the forest too. Some of them include Cruiser butterfly (Vindula arsinoe), Birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera priamus), Silky Owl (Taenaris catops), Blue Mountain Swallowtail (Papilio ulysses).
Dopi river of Manokwari

Dopi river is also a good place for swimming. Visitors can enjoy swimming after hiking and birding for a whole day.

At the beginning or at the end of the birdwatching trip in Manokwari, visitors can enjoy swimming and snorkeling to see coral reef and a lot of species of ornamental fish in Manokwari. There is a guesthouse at the back of Mansinam island where visitors can stay for one or two days to enjoy swimming and snorkeling.
If you are now planning to visit Manokwari (the capital of Papua Barat province) and need me as your private guide, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to: I will be happy to organize your trip and guide.