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Rainforest Tour in Tambrauw Mountains of West Papua

Coral reef in the waters of Sausapor town
Last week I had a survey trip with seven foreign visitors to Tambrauw regency that was located between Sorong and Manokwari. We visited its coastal town, Sausapor, and stayed for one night in Ef We island. The next morning, we went snorkeling at the western tip of  the island and northeastern area of Ef Nay island.
Coral Reef
There were several coral reef areas in Tambrauw regency that were potential to be developed as tourist destinations. In this post, I presented the underwater picture of coral reef environment which was taken a few days ago near Sausapor town. For more articles related to coral reef, and marine tourism, please, visit my personal blog:
Watching Leatherback Turtle
In the afternoon, we continued our trip to Batu Rumah where we did a short rainforest tour and a long overnight turtle watching trip at Jen Womom beach. Leatherback was the largest turtle in the world and its population was shrinking. Many of them die after eating transparent plastic shopping bags that are drifting in the ocean. They considered them as their food, i.e. jellyfish.
Sujak River in Tambrauw Mountains of West Papua
Rainforest Tour
The last segment of the trip was done in the forest areas near Fef in the highland of Tambrauw mountains. Fef was located in a valley in the south of Tambrauw mountains. It is the capital of Tambrauw regency. Visitors who want to reach it had to go by 4WD car. The slopes were very steep and could not be climbed by ordinary city cars. The scenery of Tambrauw mountains was really magnificent.

A traditional village in Tambrauw mountains
Most of the areas of the mountains are covered by pristine rainforest. There are a lot of things that visitors can enjoy including sightseeing, trekking, camping, birding, swimming, and wildlife watching.
In addition to birds of paradise, visitors may see deers, wild pigs, cuscus possum, snake, soa-soa lizard, colorful butterflies, unique beetles, and exotic wild orchids.
Tambrauw is a place that I highly recommend to all tourists who are interested in exploring the rainforest ecosystem particularly its wildlife. All participants of the tour were impressed with the courtship dance of Lesser Birds of Paradise in the last morning of their rainforest tour in Tambrauw mountains.

Tour Package for June, July, August, and September 2016
Rainforest Tour Itinerary
Day 1. Arrive in Sorong city
Day 2. Transfer to Fef, overnight stay in the town
Day 3. Trekking to Ases valley
Day 4. Trekking, camping, birding and wildlife tour in Ases
Day 5. Trekking, camping, birding and wildlife tour in Ases
Day 6. Walking back to Fef, overnight stay in the town
Day 7. Return to Sorong city
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Although the capital was Fef. But the town is being constructed. So, it is still not ready to function as the administrative center of the local government. Today, Sausapor is the temporary capital of Tambrauw regency.
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