Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rainforest Tour along Dopi River of Manokwari regency

The tropical rainforest along Dopi river is located on the west of Manokwari town. To reach the river, we need to walk for around 3 hours. There is a camp at the bank of the river that is usually used by foreign visitors when they go trekking and camping in the lowland rainforest of Manokwari. 
Wild animals such as kangaroo, deers, wild pigs, casuari, possums, monitor lizards (soa-soa) snakes, cuscus may be seen in the jungle around Dopi river if visitors camp there for several nights. 
The rainforest of Dopi are also home to a lot of species of lowland birds. Two Swedish birdwatchers spent 3 days birding along the river. They were able to see some species which they wrote in the following list:
Longtailed Honey Buzzard
Variable Goshawk
Brahminy Kite

Common Sandpiper

Beautiful Fruit-dove
Pinon Imperial Pigeon

Palm Cockatoo
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Rainbow Lorikeet
Pesquet Parrot (endangered species)
Yellowcapped Pygmy-parrot
Moluccan King Parrot

White-eared Bronzed-cuckoo
Jungle Hawk Owl

Marbled Frogmouth

Azure kingfisher
Rufous-bellied Kookabara

Papuan (Blyth's) hornbill

Black Sunbird
Yellow bellied longbill
Pygmy longbill

Olivecrowned (Papuan) Flowerpecker
Spangled drongo
Hooded Butherbird

Lesser Birds of Paradise

Yellow Faced Myna

Birds are usually active early in the morning and before sunset.
I have guided a lot of tourists along the river of Dopi on a number of rainforest tours since several years ago. They came from France, England, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States. Some visited the rainforest just to enjoy walking in the tropical jungle while others went there to see birds, flowers and various species of trees, flowers, and green plants.
Terrestrial orchids can be seen growing on the mountain just 1-hour walk from Dopi river. They have got red, pink, and white colors. African tulip (Spathodea campanulata) blooms out of the branches of tall trees. They can easily be recognized by their orange color. Another flower that attracts the attention of visitors is Glory Vine (Varadaya splendida). It release fragrant smell. This vine plants grows near the bank of Dopi river. Ylang-ylang plants also grow in the forest. The extracted oil from the flowers are highly valued by beauticians and natural therapists around the world.
Trekking and Camping
The best way to experience the nature is by staying fore several nights at the bank of the river. Two camps have been built on separate locations in the jungle which visitors can use. Accompanied by our local guides, visitors can walk in the mornings, in the afternoons and at nights to explore the rainforest and see various species of animals that live in the rainforest. Most often, the sounds of birds can clearly be heard while visitors swim or take a bath at the river.
We have prepared cooking gear for visitors so they don't have to bring pan, plates, or glasses. This rainforest tour program is prepared by Charles Roring to help local people get some money from their efforts in preserving the tropical rainforest of Dopi river. 
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