Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trekking in Arfak

Hundreds of nature lovers go to Arfak mountains every year. They go trekking in the jungle to watch birds of paradise or see various species of plants including Orchids and Rhododendron flowers, bamboo, palms and a lot big trees. There are several villages that tourists can visit. One of them is Warmarway. Here, visitors can swim or enjoy fishing at the beach and stay for one night at a shelter that is built for tourists.
Trekking and Birdwatching
Warmarway village is a coastal village that is located on the east of the mountain range. Lesser birds of paradise can be seen in the jungle. Warmarway village is only 1 hour ride by car or motorcycle from Manokwari city.

If you are interested in visiting Warmarway, you could go there by a mountain bike, motorcycle or car. Public transportation that goes to the village is available at Wosi market. Because lesser birds of paradise in the jungle of Warmarway usually dance in the mornings and in the afternoons before sunset, you should stay there for at least one night to watch the birds. Sleeping bag and mosquito net is needed.
Before leaving for Warmarway, don't forget to buy food at local market for you and at least 2 villagers who will accompany you as local guides.
The indigenous people are friendly. Local trekking guide Yunus Sayori and the villagers of Warmarway will welcome you with smile and do their best to serve you during your trekking tour in the slopes of Arfak mountains.
After spending one or two nights in Warmarway, you could go back to the city or continue your trip further south to Ransiki town. by Charlges Roring/ E-mail:

See the map below to find where Warmarway is

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