Monday, December 17, 2012

Rainforest Trekking in Manokwari

by Charles Roring
The tropical rainforest in Manokwari is rich of bio-diversity. Birds, insects, reptiles, marsupials, and mammals live in the jungle of Arfak mountains. Tourists who go trekking in Arfak can watch birds of paradise, and cuscus possum which are the most popular attractions. Several species of birdwing butterflies can be found in the jungle too. There are several trekking destinations in Manokwari. Some that I recommend are the jungle of Warmarway in Arfak mountains and Mesirrokow lowland forest in northwest region of Manokwari. Use a good pair of trekking boots, and sleeping bag for exploring the jungle of Manokwari. 

A camp for tourists has been built in Warmarway. It is not easy to reach the camp. Visitors need to walk up steep slopes of Arfak mountains for approximately one hour. Cooking and eating utensils have been prepared by local people to serve the visitors. So, they don't need to bring their own cooking gear. Early in the morning when all the people in Manokwari town are still sleeping, visitors have to wake up to start their journey into the jungle to watch the lesser birds of paradise. They usually start to dance at around 5.45. Trekking route to the dancing site is quite difficult. It is steep and slippery. Visitors need to walk through several small streams of mountainous water that flow down through the granite rocks of Arfak. 
To capture the fleeting moment of the dancing birds, visitors need to bring telephoto D-SLR camera. Today, Nikon have developed super zoom digital camera that is more affordable to travelers. The latest type is the Coolpix P510. It is a telephoto device that sports 42x optical zoom, equivalent to 1,000 mm in 35 mm lens format. Canon also has manufactured a bridge camera with specifications that are higher than the P510. Canon Powershot SX50 has got 50x optical zoom that is equivalent to 1200 mm in 35 mm lens format.
Trekking in Senopi
The toughest destination is District Senopi. The district is located between Manokwari and Sorong. Visitors need to buy enough food, and bring cooking gear if they want to go trekking in District Senopi. The best trekking route in District Senopi is the walking path to Aiwatar hill where visitors can see hundreds of species of birds. Mammals such as deers, and wild pigs and cows can be seen in the jungle. Buy a bottle of mosquito repellent lotion and waterproof tent if you want to stay for several nights in the jungle. Local villagers will be happy to accompany and guide you to Aiwatar.
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