Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snorkeling in Manokwari with ACI 2011 participants

A few days ago, I went snorkeling with some participants of ACI 2011 of near Anggresi beach. They were Audrey, Diana, Suasti (trip coordinator), and Regi.
We went there at around 3 p.m. Manokwari time. The weather was not really good in Anggresi when we were going there by boat. Fortunately, it suddenly changed. The wind blew the clouds and the rain to the south. According to them the coral reef of Anggresi beach at the foot of Arfak mountains is not only worth snorkeling but scuba diving. They made a lot of pictures about this precious marine environment. Because each of the participants was required by to write at least 3 articles per day during their trip in West Papua, I think Manokwari and Raja Ampat will become more familiar in front of Indonesian people who know little about tourist destination in New Guinea.
Most of the tourists who visit Manokwari are from Europe, Australia and North America. Very few Indonesian tourists have come to enjoy snorkeling here. I hope that Regi, Audrey and Diana, through their articles that are posted in, will be able to promote eco-tourism destination in Manokwari and Raja Ampat to readers of who are mostly Indonesian so that more domestic tourists will visit this tropical paradise. by Charles Roring
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