Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to snorkel in the coral reefs of Manokwari bay safely

Tourists who want to go snorkeling in Manokwari bay need to avoid standing on the reef. It takes tens of years for corals to develop their "skeleton" to a size similar to a human head. Experienced snorkelers usually choose their snorkeling spots along the edge or wall of the reefs when the tide is low. Beginning snorkelers have to do the same thing too. However, for safety reason they can wear life-jacket to prevent them from drowning or drifting away pushed by the sea current.
Also ask the advice of the local fisherman about the sea current, coral pattern and tides before going snorkeling in the bay. Manokwari regency has a number of places that are very good for snorkeling and even scuba diving. Unfortunately, there is no marine sport shop in this city that sells snorkeling gear such as mask, fins and snorkel. So, if you want to enjoy snorkeling in Manokwari and its surrounding region, please, bring your own snorkeling set. by Charles Roring
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