Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mountain Bike Tour to Abasi beach of Manokwari

Last month, I, together with Peddy Tangguni, guided two tourists - Marko and Rita Laakonen from Finland on a mountain biking tour to Abasi beach of Manokwari. Manokwari is the capital of West Papua province of the Republic of Indonesia. Although the term is mountain biking, the terrains that we explored were not mountaineous at all. We rode our bicycles along Brawijaya street to Kwawi and then to Pasir Putih beach. There, we stopped for around fifteen minutes to see the beauty of Pasir Putih beach which was now unfortunately dirty with plastic wastes. After taking some pictures of the Finish tourists with the background of sea water and the Arfak mountains, we continued cycling to Arowi.
Along the road to Abasi beach we were greeted by children and people who were surprised to see that there were two European tourists who were riding bicycles with us. It did not take long to reach the Abasi beach. The beach was quiet - not many people swimming in the water. Marko took out his camera and starting to take pictures of the scenery. I also took my cell phone out of my pocket. It was a Nokia XpressMusic 5630. I activated its 3.2 Mega Pixel camera mode and began shooting some pictures of the beach and the tourists. We returned to Losmen Kagum half an hour before dark. As a tourist guide, I provide this mountain bike tour to travelers who visit Manokwari as a way to explore the beauty of Papua's nature and at the same time to promote cycling culture among the citizens of Manokwari.
The next day, I, Marko and Rita flew to Numfor island for a few days bird watching in tropical rainforest of Yemburwo village and snorkeling trip in Manem islet. If you are interested in touring around Manokwari regency by riding bicycle and need me as a guide, please, contact me via my email:
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