Friday, March 15, 2019

Snorkeling Holiday in Manokwari

written by Charles Roring
The sea in Manokwari is calm now. It is a good time to enjoy swimming and snorkeling especially in the beaches that have coral reef. To see coral reef, fish and other marine creatures, I need snorkeling equipment such as masks, snorkel, and swimfins. I also bring a good underwater camera such as Nikon W300, or Olympus Tough TG-5 to take pictures. I usually bring my Fujifilm XQ2 that is inserted into its waterproof case.
Red and Black Anemonefish (Amphiprion melanopus)
Morning time is good because the sea is calm. Visibility can be more than 20 meters. The sunlight can reach most part of the coral reef. Before taking pictures, I swim over the reef to find fish or beautiful reef garden. When I find some interesting fish, I will dive until I am close or nearly on the same level as the fish. By doing that, I could make pictures that look brighter. Red and Black Anemonefish, Lemon Damsel, Blue Damsel, Goldhead Damsel, Blenny, and Wrasse can easily be seen in shallow water. After spending around twenty to thirty minutes snorkeling, freediving and shooting fish, I will swim back to the shore and take a rest.
Coral Reef Garden in the north coast waters of Manokwari
Sometimes, birds like Lesser Frigatebird, Black Noddy and Crested Tern can be seen flying in the area. Big butterfly such as the Ornithoptera priamus is common innthe coastal area too. I also guide tourists to the beach to enjoy snorkeling with me.
I provide life jackets, and some masks for tourists who want to visit Manokwari city as their holiday destination. The snorkeling holiday can be combined with hiking tour along the coastal forest and villages of Manokwari. In the hiking tour, tourists could see how local people live in their daily life. We can see birds, butterflies, beetles, frogs, and various kinds of tropical plants from the common coconut trees to the beautiful hibiscus flower plants.
Coral reef is similar to tropical rainforest. It is the natural habitat of hundreds of species of fish. Coral reef also turn CO2 gases into Oxygen and provide food and life in the ocean. This marine ecosystem has to be protected.
Tropical Reef Fish: Moorish Idol

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